SEO Tips To Maximize Organic Traffic And Sales for Your Ecommerce Business

Jul 2, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

We have entered an era of online shopping where you can buy everything from e-commerce websites. Here are the top 10 tips which you can follow to maximize organic traffic and sales on your e-commerce website

  1. Research keywords

Run a crawl report of your e-commerce website and compile all high-level navigation pages. Look for a keyword that is relevant to all these pages and optimize your website using the same. 

  1. Optimize every page with keywords

You can add the keywords in header tags, alt tags, meta title and description, website copy and call to action buttons. Also, do not forget to add some content as that’s what search engines look for while searching for an e-commerce website. 

  1. Create a proper navigation structure

Make sure your website has a well-laid navigation path. Generate appropriate URLs for your products. Talk to the experts and set up a clear navigation path on your website. 

  1. Write a unique product description

You might be selling the same product as other websites, that’s why write a unique product description. If you have a similar product description, chances are your competitors might take away your potential customers and devalue your website. 

  1. Optimize individual product pages 

Optimizing each product page is a wise choice. If your product pages don’t have SEO, your potential customers will never find you. 

  1. Encourage customers to rate and review your products

Enabling a review and rating feature on your website makes your customers feel that they are being heard. Let them write reviews and rate the product they have purchased. Product reviews are also a means of adding unique content to your product pages which in turn can increase your product ranking. 

  1. Include “how to use” videos wherever applicable

If you’re selling a product which needs some guidance before using such as “how to install”, etc. add videos to guide your customers. These videos can give a better idea before they make a purchase. 

  1. Optimize mobile shopping experience 

A major portion of the population uses their mobile phones to shop online. Therefore, you need to have a mobile-friendly website or application. Having a one-page checkout option is the best as no one would like to go through multiple pages to purchase a product.

  1. Internal search feature 

Including an internal search feature lets your customers directly find your product. Also, make sure that your internal search feature is capable of handling misspellings and alternative keywords and presents the exact product your customers are looking for. 

  1. Regularly check website errors 

E-commerce websites have thousands of pages out of which some are bound to have errors. But never neglect them. Keep checking for errors regularly and keep your website updated. 

Use these tips to boost your website sales. You can always get in touch with a marketing team from Artgro in Texas to get better assistance for improving your e-commerce website. Call us now!