Ultimate and Short Guide. Social Media Marketing for Law Firms.

How Should Law Firms Use Social Media?

Managing social media for attorneys comes with many tasks and a lot of challenges. All sectors are increasingly leveraging on social media as an essential part of their marketing strategy, and among law firms, the competition for clients is high.

To build an effective online presence and win clients and prospects from your competitors, you need a powerful social media strategy that can get you results. Your social media strategy should address multiple platforms, so you need to learn how to get the most out of platforms like:
● YouTube
● Facebook
● Twitter
● LinkedIn
● Instagram
● Snapchat
● Quora
● Reddit

There is no secret formula for making your social media strategy a success. Some law firms might do well on Facebook, while others might not do well. Social media for attorneys is a complicated business. We’ve included some examples in this article to help you find the right law firm social media strategy for your business. It’s also important to try different platforms and measure the results for yourself. Social media marketing for law firms can deliver great results if executed well.

YouTube for Lawyers

Many people prefer to learn about things by viewing video content online rather than just reading a website content. Videos can catch your audience’s attention and allows the content creator to inject more personality into the video, creating extra interest.

Instagram for Lawyers

Instagram offers many creative ways to target prospects. An example is targeting life events such as moving home or getting engaged and advertise to users who might need your services without waiting for them to carry out research online.

Snapchat for Lawyers

Snapchat is an excellent option for targeting millennials and other younger generations. Like Instagram, it also tends to be more popular among female users.

Reddit for Attorneys

Some people take the front page of Reddit as the homepage of the internet simply because It features top news stories and interesting discoveries, as well as entertaining news. While Reddit hosts countless smaller communities, or “subreddits,” the front page displays the top content currently featured on the site and can achieve upward of a million hits.

LinkedIn for Lawyers

LinkedIn can be an incredibly useful tool for many law firms. However, far too many practices use the platform only to look at other firms’ posts. Bear in mind that LinkedIn has much greater potential for B2B legal services than almost every other platform. You need to learn how to leverage its tools and employ best practice to achieve your own business goals.

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SEO for Auto Glass Shops to Increase their Customers

SEO for Auto Glass Shops to Increase their Customers

When individuals in your general vicinity Google auto glass fix or substitution, do they see your shop on the first page? If not, you could be missing out on many dollars’ worth of business consistently. Utilize these three nearby SEO strategies to ensure your shop shows up when individuals close to your business scan for auto glass fix or substitution.

Some Background on Local SEO

Not at all like general SEO, which focuses on improving rankings in Google and other web indexes on a huge scale broadly or even universally. Neighborhood SEO is tied in with elevating your business online to nearby clients. This implies exclusively focusing on searchers who are inside your administration region or near your physical location.
As a brisk note, nearby SEO is much more thorough than the fundamental strategies that we will cover here. Be that as it may, even these fundamentals will help you all together with regards to drawing in the consideration of neighborhood searchers. For this article, we'll be covering three different ways to get your business into the Google Local Pack.

Why Invest in Local SEO?

There are two central reasons why putting resources into neighborhood SEO ought to be an easy decision. To start with, the three strategies we spread in this article are free – so there is no fiscal speculation – and their simple to do. There are very few different ways to advance your business that cost neither a great deal of time or cash that are as compelling as neighborhood SEO can be. Second, as indicated by an ongoing study of individuals' web-based purchasing propensities, 95% of individuals utilize the web to locate a neighborhood business or administration. On the off chance that you are not showing up when individuals look for auto glass fix or substitution administrations, you are passing up a huge number of potential clients. On the off chance that your auto glass business is now very fruitful, think about the much more noteworthy potential development that nearby SEO could offer. On the flip side, if you have been experiencing difficulty drawing in more clients, neighborhood SEO is an extraordinary method to attempt to expand your business without spending more cash.

The High Returns of Local SEO

Nearly everybody currently searches for nearby organizations and administrations via looking through on the web, and being at the highest point of neighborhood indexed lists can mean huge increments in clients and income.
To give progressively verification that invests some energy in neighborhood SEO is justified, despite all the trouble, here is the normal number of scans every month for only a portion of the watchwords identified with auto glass fix or substitution:
Keyword Searches/Mo
auto glass replacement 11,501 – 30,300

auto glass substitution close me 1,701 – 2,900
auto glass substitution quote 201 – 500
auto glass substitution companies 201 – 500
versatile auto glass repair 1,701 – 2,900
windshield substitution comes to you 851 – 1,700
auto glass substitution cost 101 – 200
auto glass substitution quotes 201 – 500
vehicle windshield replacement 1,701 – 2,900
auto glass chip repair 201 – 500
There is a huge amount of chance here. Appearing for these sorts of catchphrases in nearby quest costs nothing except a couple of hours of your time and the potential returns are colossal. Begin with nearby SEO and begin getting your business before many new potential clients every month.

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Why Blogging Is Necessary for Your Legal Firm

In today’s content-driven world, you may begin to wonder if opening a blog for your legal firm is worth it. But there’s a reason why the majority of marketers prefer content marketing. Research shows that marketers who prioritize blogging are thirteen times as likely to achieve a positive return on investment. Publishing content that’s helpful for your target audiences naturally attracts them to your brand by boosting SEO, illuminating thought leadership and humanizing your brand.

Blogging for SEO

Every law firm desires good SEO for their practices, but only a few achieve it. There are many competitors out there looking forward to be found on the first page of search engines. Some years back, it was enough to simply include targeted keywords on your website and leave the rest. But nowadays, it’s highly competitive, you need to be supplying and updating fresh website content in order to be relevant in the SEO game. In fact, 72% of marketers agree that relevant content creation is the most effective SEO trick.

The best way to approach blogging for your law firm is to be as specific as possible. Creating nicherelated topics that are highly relevant to the types of legal services you offer will help you to start ranking for the right keywords. For instance, if your firm focuses on personal injury cases, providing in-depth personal injury content on your blog is key. The more niche topics you cover, the higher your firm’s chances of getting ranked for those subjects. Your firm will start appearing in searches for dog bites, car accident injuries and workers’ compensation the more you write about them. Although it takes time to see results, with consistent, quality content production, you’ll see the payoff.

Blogging to Establish Expertise

Professionalism is key in the legal industry. Prospects want to know that the law firm they choose has extensive experience dealing with cases just like theirs. Although experience is generally shown through case history or in-person meetings, your blog can also play a role in this positioning. A well-maintained blog that’s loaded with insightful information will establish your firm’s credibility while prospects are still at the very top of the marketing funnel.


In today’s information age, the importance of quality online content cannot be neglected. Showing your target audience your level of professionalism and attracting them to your website with highly relevant content is the key to inbound marketing. Whether you’re looking to improve your search rankings, showcase your experience or communicate your humanity, a blog can be of great help to you.

Begin with a content calendar and see how the power of content marketing could transform your legal firm.

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Using SEO to Market Your Law Firm

If you are a law firm or one team attorney looking to build a strong online presence, Google is definitely the best tool you can use to drive massive traffic to your law business.

Unfortunately, the majority of law firms are already aware of that and are already using SEO to improve their businesses. In today’s fast paced competitive market, getting ranked in Google is not easy, especially in the legal space where the competition is very high. Highlighted below are some things you can do to promote your law firm using SEO.

Start with local SEO

The truth is that you are targeting local clients for your law firm and that is why you need a specific kind of search engine optimization called Local SEO. It optimizes your website so that people can easily find your business when they are searching for a law firm in their area. Google knows when users carry out local searches and it will provide results accordingly. Unless you are a well-known global law firm, you should really begin your SEO marketing on a local level.

Law firm SEO begins with a Headline

Though it is said that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, Google always judges websites by their headlines. As such, it is important that your headline summarizes what you do in just a few characters. The good news is, web technology makes that very easy using the title tag. Use that tag to describe to the world what you are all about and why people should hire you. You need to keep in mind things such as what page in your website you want to rank and reasons for ranking it, and the need to have clear optimization for blog, service, category, and home pages.

Use references

Once you provide your law firm’s address, it is now time to reference it with citations. Citations are basically listings of your business address, name, and phone number on another website. You should keep in mind that your business address should appear the same across all websites you use. Citations are crucial because they give your law firm the look of authority.

That is a ranking factor that Google uses when determining which businesses get to the top of the results list. You can add your citations to other online possessions as well. For instance, if you write a blog post for another site, ensure that you include your name, address, and phone number at the end of the post.


Looking for help to improve your Internet marketing results? Please contact us — we’d love to hear more about your situation and challenges.


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The 3 Internet Search Terms Every Web Marketing Lawyer Needs To Know

As the attorney in charge of your law firm’s internet marketing, you’ve likely come across secret terms such as SEO, backlinks and Meta tags. Confused by all these terms? No worries, Artgro.com deals with these terms every day as we help attorneys and law firms run successful internet marketing campaigns.

The following are three key terms you need to know and an explanation of why they are important to the success of your law firm’s web marketing:

1. SEO

SEO is an abbreviation for “search engine optimization.” For law firm’s web marketing, SEO involves the method and effort that goes into writing and designing your law firm’s website so it will be easily found online by prospects. In today’s world, the reality is that countless number of people visit search engines compared to the Yellow Pages or other print directories when they are in need of goods and services and legal services are not excluded. That’s why SEO is so important for your law firm.


SERP, like SEO, is a general term used by law firm web marketing types that may be unfamiliar to others. It is an abbreviation for “search engine results page,” or the list of results that shows on screen when a person types a query into a search engine.

At Artgro.com, the goal for all of our clients’ SEO campaigns is to ensure their law firm website appears at the top of the SERP for the practice areas they want to advertise. The results at the top of the search results get more traffic and more traffic leads to great conversions.
If your website doesn’t dominate the first page or at least on the first SERP, then you may question whether your law firm is getting a quality return on your online investment.


Search engines tend to like backlinks as much as they like keywords. Backlinks, which are also referred to “incoming links” or “inbound links,” are links from other websites directing to your site. The more backlinks you have, the more popular your site is, and the more popular it is, the higher it will rank on search engine results.

To learn more about our law firm marketing services, call (713) 331-1040 or request a free quote online.

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Should a law firm do their SEO WITHIN?

For law firms looking forward to growing their practices, SEO is a very important tool. Search Engine Optimization helps law firms to generate massive leads to their businesses. There are lots of SEO services in the digital marketing space- starting from common service providers to the legal industry- focusing marketing agencies. But, like most services, this is one that can potentially be brought within an organization.

Two questions we were asked when communicating with law firms are:
– Should a law firm do their SEO within the organization or firm?
– Are there risks to doing so?

The simple answer to the first question is NO. You should not keep your SEO in-house. In this post, we’re going to analyze two risk areas law firms face when they doing their SEO within the organization.

Risk One: You May Not Be Getting All the Assistance You Need.

Keeping your SEO within the organization could mean that your law firm doesn’t get the actual assistance needed to make the most out of the process. It’s often believed that SEO is the most important area of online marketing. And, yes, it is a very important area since it affects where your law firm will appear in the organic search engine rankings. But executing on professional level SEO for law firms entails deep expertise on different areas, from technical SEO to content. Being highly experienced in SEO doesn’t mean that they can write high converting content.

Besides, SEO agencies have team members with different areas of expertise. They also work on many different law firm SEO campaigns so they know what strategies deliver results, compared to a single SEO team member focusing on one firm who is getting information for just one law practice.

Risk Two: Lack of experience Can Be Dangerous

We all know that experience is gained from somewhere. We also know that SEO concepts change like the weather. Even is someone has the skills necessary to help your law firm rank, do they have the experience to perform audits and review data to determine what parameters need to be improved? Do they know how to find and interpret all of the data?

Don’t leave your law firm’s SEO method to chance. Don’t leave just one person responsible for your entire marketing and SEO strategy. Instead, speak with a professional SEO and marketing agency to learn how your law firm can benefit from their services.


To learn more about our law firm marketing services, call (713) 331-1040 or request a free quote online.

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Slow websites are bad for business

Slow websites are bad for business

Stacking times assume a gigantic job in the achievement of your site. We realize that. We are completely mindful that if a site doesn’t load quickly enough, guests will have left without having seen any of the substance. We know this because all things considered, we are Internet clients as well.


As indicated by an investigation led by Imperva, just 38% of web clients will trust that a site will stack. In the wake of studying a great many online customers, scientists found that most clients anticipate that sites should stack in less than five seconds, with 35% of clients anticipating that locales should stack in only three to five seconds. Driving clients to hold up longer than five seconds could bring about missed leads and deals for your business.


Both Google and Bing have freely reported the utilization of speed as a positioning variable, which means quick stacking sites rank higher in Google’s and Bing’s query items than moderate stacking sites. Google has organized speed in its positioning calculation since 2010. From that point forward, it’s turned into a significantly progressively ground-breaking positioning sign. Simply a year ago, for instance, Google said it was currently utilizing pace as a positioning sign for versatile hunts just as work area look. Your site needs to stack rapidly; else, it could ruin your site design improvement (SEO) procedure.


On the off chance that you sell items or administrations on your business’ site, you may create more deals by advancing it to stack all the more rapidly. In an examination directed by Shopzilla, the web-based business organization found that diminishing its heap time from four to six seconds to simply 1.5 seconds brought about 7% to 12% more deals. Moreover, Shopzilla revealed 25% more site hits, probably because guests aren’t relinquishing the site because of long burden times.


A non-quantifiable manner by which burden times influence your business includes believability. At the point when a potential client visits your business’ site, the person anticipates that it should stack rapidly. If it doesn’t, the prospect may accept that your business is unequipped for making and keeping up a great site, accordingly making your business less solid. Try not to give your business’ site a chance to experience the ill effects of long burden times.
Concentrate on improving your site to accomplish quicker burden times with the goal that you keep
away from the headaches listed here.

If you have inquiries concerning improving the speed of your webpage and expanding visits to your business or expert profile on the web, call me and I’ll talk through how you can build drives, increment the estimation of each arrangement, and set up or reinforce your web-based marketing funnel.

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Mobile App Development for Healthcare

Why Consider a Practice App

There is fivefold the number of cell phone clients on the planet as there are work stations! Doubtlessly
that portable web utilization is products more noteworthy than work area web use.
Mobiles are consistent to hand, quickly responsive and are interface whenever and anyplace.
There is a Health App for That
Computerized wellbeing applications can profit your patients by being advantageous, effective and instructive. They are a productive and helpful approach to the interface you with your patients, yet also, give patients significant portable assets to your training.

An application for your training can draw in patients with their wellbeing by enabling them to plan arrangements, screen meds, and helping patients pursue their treatment plan precisely. Applications are more than basically having a similar substance as your site. They can improve access to mind just as upgrade the patient involvement with your training!

Medicinal Apps are Trending

Did you realize that 35% of medicinal services suppliers in the US offer portable applications for their
Applications can profit your training by making it simple for patients to speak with your training and it
likewise enables the training to effectively get to their patients.
A training application is an incredible path for patients to interface with you effectively directly from
their telephone, so your training will consistently be directly readily available.
Artgro can assemble a modified portable application explicit to your training.
Call us on (713) 331-1040 to find out more and how we can help.

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Grocery App Development

Grocery App Development

As indicated by the Food Marketing Institute, the online channel will involve 20% of the all-out basic food item retail portion by 2025 and contact the degree of USD 100 billion! Today, shopping for food is done widely through web applications and sites. Basic food item application improvement alludes to the production of shopping for food applications to be utilized on different gadgets like cell phones, tablets, and so forth. These applications have seen immense accomplishment in the course of recent years. These applications are helpful and have earned the trust of individuals all around the globe.
Shopping for food can be time and vitality devouring. This issue is tackled to a huge degree with the assistance of such applications. An individual shouldn’t be physically present in the shop which spares a ton of time. The entire system of handling and ascertaining is finished by the application, which makes the undertaking simpler. These applications are client intelligent and simple to utilize. These days, amidst a bustling quick paced life, numerous individuals don’t have room schedule-wise to physically proceed to look for food supplies. These applications are a help to such individuals. It is thus that the utilization and prominence of basic food item applications are expanding step by step. Basic food item deal through online stages is always developing at a quick pace.

Highlights of Grocery App:

We give an adjustable web and portable basic food item application advancement answers for different plans of action. Our basic food item portable application improvement and basic food item application plan arrangement encourages you to influence the upsides of online basic food item section without agonizing over building up an instinctive versatile application sans preparation. Don’t simply mull over! Dispatch now and snatch the front seat in a remunerating business section.

Get in touch with us for Free Consultation
Is it true that you are planning to redistribute Digital Transformation administrations? Feel free to contact us for business-related request, our specialists will return you ASAP.

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Salon SEO Made Simple

Salon SEO Made Simple

What will be displayed on your Google first page when you type in “Salon near me” today?
Do you find your salon on the first page of Google?
In case you’re remaining in closeness to your salon when you play out this inquiry, I would expect that you will see your salon. If not, we’ll sort that out today.
Nonetheless, the vast majority don’t stand that near your salon when they search for a salon. They may even be in an alternate city when examining where to book their arrangement. What’s more, you have to ensure you appear in those cases too.
We will make you stride by venture through our demonstrated procedure for propelling your organization to the highest point of the outcomes. To begin with, however, allows progression to back and inspect why nearby SEO is so significant for hair salons.

2 Reasons Hair Salons Need to Invest in Local SEO

1. No More Yellow Pages, Google Reigns Supreme: At one time, a hair salon could put a promotion in the Yellow Pages and trust that individuals will call. Today, an incredible 97% of individuals scan for nearby administrations on the web, and Google is the ruler of the slope.
2. Free Traffic: Improving your Google positioning gives a progressing supply of free traffic that you essentially need to change over to paying customers.
Stage 1: Select Your Keywords
The initial step is simple. Simply record a brisk rundown of catchphrases that mirror your administrations. For instance, you may pick “hair salon” “stylist” or “hair shading” When you have a sensibly protracted rundown, pursue a free Google AdWords account.
Stage 2: Website Optimization
Your “center” pages, for example, your landing page and administration pages, are a top need, and ought to be upgraded for purchasing aim catchphrases. Afterward, you can upgrade your “content” pages, for example, FAQs and blog entries, for your examination goal watchwords.
Stage 3: Build Citations and Links
The skeleton of your neighborhood SEO crusade is currently prepared to go, so you can proceed onward to building references and connections. Both improve your Google rankings by upgrading your online reach.
Stage 4: Ask for Reviews
Client surveys serve two key capacities in your nearby SEO crusade. To start with, they help persuade prospects to attempt your salon. Second, they promise Google that you have an authentic business.
Stage 5: Track Your Results

The best way to realize what’s working and what needs some assistance is to follow your outcomes.
Need Help with SEO?
At Artgro, we have some expertise in helping hair salons pull in increasingly nearby clients through Google. On the off chance that you’d like assistance with your SEO, get in touch with us for a free statement.

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