Social Media Video Tips & Strategies


Every brand requires a video marketing technique — although this strategy isn’t new. What has changed is the means by which important video has progressed toward becoming on every platform and channel.

It’s no longer only one bit of your general marketing plan. It’s based on your awareness and campaign effort… particularly your social technique.

How would you really approach making a video that is engrossing and enhanced? Here are a few hints.

Most importantly, make sure you discover what the perfect video length is for your platform – Here is what Hubspot suggests:

Instagram: 30 seconds

Twitter: 45 seconds

Facebook: 1 minute

YouTube: 2 minutes

Another thing you’ll need to guarantee the best engagement and accessibility and in addition boom your SEO which entails making use of captions for autoplay and keeping the video on silent if it’s on a landing page. Videos on landing pages can be exceptionally compelling however just on the off chance that they don’t scare viewer away. You’ll likewise need to make certain to keep your video mobile hostile far across the globe.

So as to see how your videos are performing, practice great SEO benchmarks and constantly check your mmeasures. You can build up a standard library of different videos and keep them arranged in YouTube, at that point incorporate them into different types of content, for example, blogs and emails.

Also, keep your call-to-action in mind, which on YouTube in most time comprises of a little explanatory comment that users subscribe to your channel.

That is A Wrap!

The main point driven out from all of this is that video marketing is a mind blowing approach to make new and intresting content that will control and engage users on social media. Now is the ideal time to start trying different things with video and making sense of what your audience appreciates most.

Social video is constantly advancing thus the responsibility is upon us as marketers to keep up.

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Launching a new website?

Launching a new website? Check these 4 boxes SEO before launching a new site.

On the off chance that you know anything about sites, anything by any means, you undoubtedly realize that SEO is critical for substance. What you may not know, however, is that SEO additionally becomes possibly the most important factor before a site is even propelled. I’m talking back, the path back to when the site wasn’t even a site yet. In the event that you haven’t grabbed on it yet, I’m discussing the underlying website architecture and advancement stages.

1. Install Analytics

While this list isn’t in any kind of request, Google Analytics is something that ought to be near the highest point of your daily agenda. The analysis enables you to follow what number of individuals visit your site, how they arrived, what they did on your site and loads of other imperative information that your business will profit by knowing.

Google Analytics is most SEO’s device of decision as it gives a large quality of customization and ties in splendidly with different devices.

2. Create a Sitemap

In the event that you are not really good technically, then it can be very easy for you to forget even little things, for example, sitemaps. Put this on your schedule and ensure it’s done. This will accelerate the regulation of your new site and make it much less demanding for web search tools to crawl your website. You can set up your sitemap on Google Webmaster – figure out how with a convenient guide.

3. Utilize a Mobile-Friendly Design.

A considerable lot of the SEO algorithm updates Google has reported lately have been about mobile.

As an ever-increasing number of individuals turn to their telephones to do a most of their browsing, users and search engines alike anticipate that sites will give an instinctive mobile. When you’re developing a brand new website, it’s important that you make it more mobile friendly.

4. Improve Images.

Each picture you use on a page gives a couple of extra chances to enhancing your page for your main keyword. Make sure you customize the name of each picture to be in line with the keyword you’re focusing on (e.g. primarykeyword.jpg) and update the alt message on the page with your keyword also.

The conclusion begins on your set up for long-run SEO as soon as possible. Think about if you’ll learn the ropes and take every necessary step on your own, or if you will like to hire gifted SEO experts to help.

Whichever one you pick, it’s essential that you choose to make it a need and take the long view on the creating process. SEO is slow, so, therefore, the sooner you begin, the higher you’ll be.


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What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) And Why Is It Important

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of influencing the visibility of a site on the web or a website page in a very web search unpaid results- often mentioned as “natural” “organic”, or “earned” results. Generally the higher positioned on the search result page, and oftentimes a website seems to appear within the search results list, the more guests it will get from the search engine’s user offering the potential for these guests to then be changed over into clients.

Why is SEO important?

The necessary reasons for using SEO for your website are as follows:-

1. The imperative part of internet traffic is driven by the main search engines that are Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Social Media platforms and other online networking forms platforms will drive traffic and generate visits, yet at the same time, most web users like search engines as the primary supply, whether or not they are seeking info or trying to shop for product or services. Thus in the event that you are not utilizing this essential channel, you’re losing numerous potential users.

2.  Search engines give targeted and relevant traffic as of what individuals want and what the website can give. If you’ll be able to provide the information or results to the queries of individuals. Then, you’ll get the targeted traffic likewise as conversions.

For example: If somebody needs protection so he may type “best protection in Houston” as the pursuit question.

Consider the possibility that your site is positioning #1 for that look inquiry.

You may get lead or deal also!

Along these lines,

Better Visibility = expanded Sales

Research has demonstrated that 87% of customers use web indexes (over 60% use Google) for research before buy

3. It has been seen that search engine activity can assemble (or break) an association’s prosperity. Directed traffic to a site can unveil the site, income, and exposure like no other channel can do. Putting resources into Web optimization can convey an excellent quantifiable profit contrasted with different kinds of promoting and attention. Website SEO examination is basic for its optimization.

4. Web optimization isn’t just about search engines, however great SEO rehearses develops the UX and ease of use of a website.

5. SEO is useful for the social advancement of your site. Individuals who discover your site via seeking Google or Yahoo are bound to advance it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other internet based life channels

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Digital Marketing Agency

What Is a Digital Marketing Agency and how is it beneficial?

You’ve been listening to stuff online like SEO and PPC, and you realized that your online sales isn’t improving.

What causes that?

A quick Google search for your inventory shows your competitors adverts and websites, why isn’t yours?

Even when you check on the second and third page, your business is nowhere to be found.

Then you started getting angry and frustrated.

After intensive research, which combined words like SERPs, bounce rates, impressions, and web crawlers to your vocabulary, you finally solved the problem a bit, while you sat idly, hoping to get better results, your competitors were getting help from the experts.

You’ve been introduced to them before, and after intense research you came across variants like digital agencies and creative agencies.


You weren’t able to solve these problems. All you wanted was to improve your sales with the assistance of a top digital marketing agency, and now you have compounded the problems.

Thankfully, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover today. From a digital marketing agency definition to why you should embrace digital marketing agency in the first place, highlighted below is what you need to know.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing Agency is a firm that specializes in promoting businesses using top-notch digital strategies and techniques to generate positive results.

Measurable marketing and good returns on investment is the name of the game.

A reputable digital marketing agency is a brand development and lead generation engine having a team of strategists, consultants, and developers that work together to deliver quantifiable results.

What Can a Digital Marketing Agency Do for Me?

Based on your marketing goals and objectives, a digital firm will offer many services tailored to your budget and scope of work.

At Artgro, we offer top-notch services that fall into three categories that vary depending on what you’re looking for:

Strategic services designed to accomplish goals:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Mobile SEO
  • Voice Search SEO
  • Pay-Per Click (PPC)
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Communications
  • Social Media
  • Content Planning
  • Research
  • Brand Strategy
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Three Digital Marketing Tactics Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

Three Digital Marketing Tactics Every Real Estate Agent Should Know.

As a real estate agent in the real estate industry, you may have noticed a major change in the way home buyers purchase their dream homes, often starting with an online market research and a clear vision of exactly what they want in their dream future home.

Currently, in the real estate industry, digital marketing has become the real game changer.

From generating new leads to successful closings, the real estate industry now depends on digital marketing.

To kick-start your real estate digital marketing strategy, the following 4 tips could be very helpful.

Responsive website

Responsive websites that have a blog often have 434% more indexed pages, helping real estate professionals achieve better SEO.

A blog is an impressive way to improve your SEO, build a good online reputation, improve your brand and provide your clients with professional information on buying and selling a property.

A real estate professional’s digital marketing strategy is nothing without a rich SEO Content, whether it’s shared on your website or social media.

Host a Webinar

Hosting a Webinar is an opportunity to share your knowledge and professional skills.

This strategy makes it easy to reach out to a larger audience and staying relevant in the industry.

GoToWebinar is a webinar hosting tool designed to make creating and hosting webinar events easy, and it is extremely user-friendly from both ends of the operation.

Digital marketing for real estate professionals relies highly on generating active leads, so getting your name and expertise out there is essential for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Create and Post Valuable Blog Content

A blog is an outstanding way to level-up your SEO, build a positive reputation online, and provide your clients with professional advice on buying or selling a home or piece of property. A real estate professional’s digital marketing strategy is nothing without valuable content, whether it’s shared on your website or social media.

In addition to your professionally designed responsive website, ensure you craft out engaging content that buyers and sellers can come back to for answers to their most pressing real estate questions.

For more information about your website or online marketing with a leading Houston agency or have any questions please call us on 832-614-8779 or complete our contact form.

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What is the difference between UX and UI (User Interface) Design

What is the difference between UX and UI (User Interface) Design?

UX has been a fashionable phrase that bounces around the design world, approved by designers and developers.

In many cases, top developers who claim to be talking about”UX” often show UI features during product demonstration.

Now let’s explain the difference between UX and User Interface (UI) design.

Why is there so much specialization?

There are many reasons why people have come to specialize as UX, UI, or visual designers.

The most important thing is adapting to technological innovations and enhancements, and responding to changing user demands.

In the past, when you buy a software package, we might not expect to receive updates or bug fixes for many years.

But today, many mobile apps roll out important updates, fixes, and improvements everyday.

Establishing a division of labor between experience design, interface design, and visual design, makes it possible to complete these updates faster, with greater focus, and better expertise.

UX Designer vs UI Designer

User Experience (UX) Designer

User Interface (UI) Designer

– meet with clients and customers

– intensive user research

– specify user goals and personas

– design product to meet user goals

– define User Interface requirements

– design user flow through a site/product

– create wireframes and basic UI specs – design each user touchpoint

– design User Interface behaviour

– craft visual appearance of interface

– make decisions on colour and typography

– design visual hierarchy

– create enjoyable interactions

– develop and define a consistent visual language

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How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO?

Niche keywords are the exceedingly explicit long-tail keywords that is related to a tight industry vertical. It’s critical to enhance your site and your pay per-click campaign for specialty keywords and not simply wide, well known terms, which are regularly too hard to even consider for ranking, particularly for just coming venture.

There are various SEO apparatuses (most cost cash) accessible to help you in finding the correct and appropriate keywords. In view of your business and your market, you can almost certainly assembled a starter list of keywords you think may be worth seeking after. Third-party tools would then be able to enable you to take that list and organize the best ones to seek after.

These tools will take a serious examination at the opposition level (how hard will it be for the site to beat its competitors and get to the highest point of the rankings?) and the search volume (what number of individuals are constantly searching for this keyword every month) of every keyword.

While keyword research is an extremely inside and out process, here are a couple of tips to begin yourself for free:

  • Google Instant Search Suggestions – You can discover new keyword ideas by going to and start typing a keyword. Google will give you available suggestions depending on what you’ve just composed.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner – Here you can login to an Adwords account and utilize Google’s Keyword Planner apparatus. There you type in keywords, it will then give you the closest ideas and as well give search volume data
  • – The main part of SEMRush’s highlights are for paid accounts, however you can get a few data even without a record. SEMRush is extraordinary for taking a indepth look at your competitor’s sites and discovering the keywords for which they’re ranking in Google. Like the other option, this is another means to which you can assemble your potential keyword list.

Where to Use Keywords in Content

Once you have a final list of keywords, at that point you can utilize this data in loads of places in your content.

Making use of keywords to optimize your content is an entirely different topic to discuss, yet you can begin by utilizing in:

The title of your page. It is both the genuine title and the SEO title, which may be somehow different

The metal description. In situations where you don’t utilize a SEO device, this will automatically originate from the first 160 characters of your content, so that’s a more perfect place to utilize keywords as well.

In links and social media update. In case you’re sharing site content, this may as of now be a piece of the title, however you can likewise enable individuals to refine their search by including a fitting hashtag,

In summary, your time is well spent if you’re doing extraordinary keyword research and building the most ideal content for those keywords. The most quality content that aim the correct keywords will definitely win.

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How Voice Search is Changing Local SEO and Search

When you type in “What day is Black Friday this year?” on Google or request Siri’s help on getting red wine out of a white couch, you’re actually doing a voice search.

Voice search describes searches you perform using your voice. These searches are conducted with a voice assistant instead of manually typing.

Siri and Google dominates the voice search market, which makes sense due to its mobile compatibility. Highlighted below are top four voice assistants and the devices they are compatible with:

•             Apple Siri – Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod

•             Google Assistant – Google Home, Pixel phone, Android 6.0+ devices, iOS and Android apps

•             Microsoft Cortana – Windows 10, Windows phone, Xbox One, iOS and Android apps

•             Amazon Alexa – Echo


There are certain factors needed to optimize your site for voice search.

Highlighted below are the factors:


If you’ve be considering using voice search, Featured snippets is a better consideration .Over 40% of voice search answers come from a featured snippet.


Recent research carried out by word stream shows that the speed of your mobile website can play a huge role in its voice search ranking.

A large portion of voice searches are from Mobile users who are on the go seeking for fast response.


According to Backlinko, authoritative domains yield significantly higher results in voice searches. There are several digital marketing tactics you can use to boost the domain authority of your site.

For more information about our Voice search and local SEO services, call us at (713) 331-1040 or fill the form below.

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Three Actionable SEO Tips For Real Estate Agents

Three Actionable SEO Tips For Real Estate Agents

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, which is a process implemented to rank website higher on search engines.

According to research, internet users focus more on the first page of Search engine sites. Ensuring your website is found on the first page is very important.

Targeting Local Keyword Phrases

A greater percentage of home shoppers start researching online using a local keyword phrase like” California realtor”

Majority of realtors operates within multiple cities and regions. But when you create your website, ensure you focus on the main city. From there, you can create a strategy that will target other areas.

Optimize your website for search terms such as:

  • [City] real estate
  • [City] homes for sale
  • [City] real estate listings
  • [City] realtor
  • [City] real estate agent

These words can appear on pages throughout your website. For example, a website focusing on just California Realty might be organized like this:

  • California Homes for Sale
  • Living in California
  • California Real Estate Testimonials
  • About Your California Realtor

Every section of these pages will be incorporated with local keyword targets working them into useful content to a prospect.

Making your website a resource is very important as well. A section of the website like “Living in California” ensure you provide information on school districts, crime rates, median income, public transportation, and statistics on the average homeowner.


Create an engaging and mind-blowing content.

To stay ahead of the competition in the real estate industry, you need to create an engaging and mind-blowing content.

Creating awesome content that educates, informs, and engages consumers through the entire customer life cycle will be a requirement for any business looking to survive the decades to come. Consumers are in the driver’s seat and have grown to expect value added experiences.

Have a Mobile-First Website Design

80 percent of prospects are on mobile. They carryout in-depth research with the use of their mobile phones or tablets.

Building a mobile responsive website attracts your potential clients fast.

A strong mobile-first website design will include content for on-the-go consumption, such as optimized and easy-to-click images and videos, clear call-to-actions, and easy-to-find neighborhood or listing information.

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The importance of wire framing

The importance of wire framing

Wire framing is a method implemented by UX designers for defining and planning the information hierarchy of their design for a website, app, or product.

This method pay particular attention to designer and the client and how the intend to process information on a website based on user research.

Whether you are designing a large or a small website, wireframes are the elementary basis to which your design process should start.

In most cases, wire framing starts immediately after the site map has been agreed and before the creative design production starts.

Wireframes should come with simple black and white sketches, either drawn by hand or generated by a computer including page elements, features, conversion areas and menus.

Much color and graphical images shouldn’t be too much because it can distract from the functional layout.

Planning Navigation

Wireframes makes it easy for users to visualize journeys making sure every step of navigation are accounted for ahead of the design and also making it easy to interpret right from the beginning.

Redefines Deliverables

Wire framing the elements and deliverables for a web site can help a client understand the more technical features such as filtering, widgets or query.

User Experience

User experience is an elementary reason for wire framing. Sketching out key pages to test layouts, meet objectives and to plan call to actions helps understand the user’s perspective.

Content Management

A wireframe distinctly shows if the design can fill up managed content which will change over time.

Smaller Steps

Instead of mocking up a full design with finished details such as site furniture, styles and brand and imagery, wireframes help break the design process into simpler ones.

Faster Delivery

Fast delivery will save you time in the long run.

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